“Gays are just the fad of today!”

I do not remember exactly where I heard this sentence. Perhaps at an event of the so-called “demo for all”, or perhaps an interview with the right-wing populists of the AfD. All I know is that I could have laughed at so much stupidity, so much ignorance, were it not for the deep human contempt of this statement! A contempt which is clear: you do not belong, you are unimportant, you are losers!

At the same time, this sentence made me think. How could we know that homosexuals have always been part of society? History lessons don't teach it. The only time I heard about homosexuals was in relation to the Nazi concentration camps, as victims.

What sort of self-image do homosexuals and people with gender issues grow up with? Those who are told, again and again. that they are victims will become victims. Lesbians have written history. Gay men have changed the world. Transgender, transsexual and intersex individuals have done great things.

The longer I spent thinking about it, the greater the desire to organize an exhibition. Remembering persecution is obviously important, but it cannot end there. Victims are pitied, but rarely respected, and we are so much more than our sacrifices! We have to show society, and also ourselves, where we come from, who we are and what we achieved. We need to be proud of our history.

We have influenced world politics. We have created great literature and art. We have researched, founded and invented. We have changed the world. We have helped shape society.

Holger Edmaier, Managing Director and founder of Projekt 100% MENSCH

Projekt 100% MENSCH

Die Projekt 100% MENSCH gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt) fördert und fordert die komplette Gleichstellung und Akzeptanz gleichgeschlechtlich liebender Menschen und die Gleichberechtigung aller Geschlechter (LSBTTIQA).

Verwirklicht wird dieses Ziel durch Aufnahme und Aufführung von Charity-Songs, die Ausrichtung von kulturellen Veranstaltungen, die Ausgabe von Publikationen sowie aktiver Aufklärungs- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit.

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